AGR Group offers a flexible Customer Relationship Management tool designed specifically for the energy industry. Our CIPHER system pulls data from multiple sources and presents it through an intuitive user interface, making it a robust data solution for both retail suppliers and regulated utilities.

Customer transactions, utility data management, invoicing and settlements are just a small portion of what CIPHER handles with ease. It’s an all-in-one tool that provides AGR a service option unique to the energy call center industry.

AGR Group has partnered with energy clients for more than a decade, and frankly, we’ve seen them come and go. One hazard area for start-up suppliers is the intense data and system demands required to interface with utilities, producers and customers. Typically, a supplier requires multiple systems and software applications for necessary functions like customer enrollment, EDI transaction, accounting, billing, customer service, demand side management and load forecasting.

CIPHER simplifies your operations by capturing data from a variety of sources. It then validates, organizes and consolidates that data into a single repository that’s accessible from an intuitive user interface.

In the hands of our knowledgeable, energy-only customer service representatives, CIPHER is a robust, customizable tool for the customer care function.


AGR Group Customer Service representatives can utilize the capabilities of the CIPHER system to perform the keys tasks in the following areas of the customer life cycle.

Customer Acquisition – The system’s Deal Entry module allows the entry and tracking of customer data, and can assign those customers to multi-tiered pricing, multiple fee-structure options and balancing functions.

Customer Enrollment – The Deal Entry module communicates with the appropriate utility using its preferred method of data exchange (EDI, CSV or XML) to ensure fast an accurate enrollment on the energy choice program.

Data Acquisition – The system utilizes a variety of data exchange formats to retrieve customer usage information from the utilities at specified intervals.

Validation and Analytics – CIPHER relies on a series of data validation layers to ensure accuracy within a specific user-defined data set. In cases of suspect data, the system provides automated alerts. CIPHER can also provide analytical services to assist with load profiles, supply forecast and portfolio optimization.

Invoicing Reporting and Accounting – Once the data is authenticated, it’s applied to a sophisticated set of potential billing types. CIPHER has automated features that can assist with accounting and tax preparation.

CIPHER is a sophisticated tool that can streamline and simplify the customer service requirements of a retail energy supplier. With AGR Group’s experienced representatives at the helm, you’ve got a winning combination that’s good for your customers and your business.

For a full demonstration of the CIPHER system, contact us today.