Our People

AGR Group has served the energy industry exclusively for more than a decade, earning the trust of some of the largest providers in North America. Our customer care associates are knowledgeable, patient and polite. We skillfully address concerns at every stage of the customer life cycle, extending relationships and deepening brand loyalty.

We are energy experts. It's all we do. And that singular focus translates into a positive experience for your customers.

Our Technology

AGR Group offers full client integration and dynamic customer care services through its new CIPHER system technology. Our platform gathers encrypted data from multiple sources, and through an intuitive user interface can perform a host of services including customer enrollment, usage inquiries and invoicing.

Energy suppliers and utilities can now place their customer service function with a trusted partner in total confidence.

“Heather is an excellent representative who has demonstrated willingness to always go above and beyond to assists our customers. We want recognize her dedicated efforts and thank her for everything that she does. She is definitely a great representation of our company!”

-- Manager from one of our energy clients

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AGR Group has earned a reputation in the retail energy industry as a trusted provider of organic customer growth, retention, and inbound service.

AGR Customer Care was born of the resources and expertise of our 10 years in the energy business.

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